Revisiting “District and Circle” with Nathaniel McAuley (Online)

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Date and time

Mon 17th Oct 2022, 19:00 - Mon 5th Dec 2022, 20:30


Seamus Heaney’s, 1996 T.S. Elliot Award winning collection, District and Circle, marks the first full-length publication after his 1995 Nobel Prize win. In the words of Faber and Faber, it has become one of Heaney’s “most celebrated collections…reaffirming his ability to write some of the most serious and the most tender poetry of which the English language is capable.”

On this online 8 week course, poet and playwright, Nathaniel Joseph McAuley, will guide students through Heaney’s masterpiece, facilitating close analysis of key poems and their contextual significance

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